About us

About the Union

In 1999 The Armidale School Old Boys’ Union celebrated its Centenary – 100 years of continuing association and contributions to the welfare of the School. The maintenance of that association with The Armidale School community keeps the spirit and ethos of the School alive as well as preserving amongst Old Boys the friendships and contacts gained at the School.

Our Union works very hard to enable its members to keep in touch with their friends and the overall School community, whilst at the same time contributing in many ways for the benefit of present and future students at TAS. This encompasses everything from year reunions to annual OBU weekends, invitations to School activities and functions, and to working bees (and fundraising) for specific projects for the well being of the School. A very successful Old Boys’ project was the magnificent Lych Gate at the entrance to the Chapel.

Objectives of the OBU

  • To maintain an active association of the Old Boys;
  • To hold reunions and other functions;
  • To Promote the best interests of the School having regard to its traditions as a Great Public School and to cooperate with the School Board, the Headmaster, the TAS Foundation and the P&F Association;
  • To arrange and effect sporting contests with the school;
  • To provide for the distribution of Binghi to members of the Union;
  • To cooperate with the NEGS Old Girls’ Union and Unions of other Schools in matters of common interest;
  • To establish and maintain in memory of Old Boys of the School scholarships and bursaries tenable at the School.